npm, the awesome source code package manager for JavaScript and stuff, publishes a specification for license metadata in package.json files. The spec asks maintainers to use the SPDX standard’s license expression syntax to show how their work is licensed in a machine-readable way. You will get a warning if you don’t.

In most cases, that's as easy as setting your license property (not licenses, as for RubyGems) to MIT, ISC, BSD-2-Clause, Apache-2.0, or some other string on SPDX' official list. You can even Unlicense or WTFPL, you rebel, you.

The following is a list of packages among the 1,000 most-depended-upon (the “npm1K”) that aren't yet part of that better world. There are handy links for making quick pull requests to fix package.json if you’d like to help them out. Given how vital these packages are, each one with a good license property helps make Node easier to adopt in new and different teams, many of which are dipping timid corporate toes into open-source for the very first time.

Who cares? Nobody cares! Until they have to do a license check. Then, thanks to how amazing npm is, you’re left staring down a bottomless well of node_modules directories you must search, manually, for LICENSE files and hints in README. But shouldn’t some lousy program do that kind of work for you? Of course! And it would sure help if the npm ecosystem offered good, clean metadata to chew on.

Special thanks to @beaugunderson and @tunnckoCore.

96% valid
4% invalid

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 09:01:13 GMT

Package Latest Maintainers Fix It! Warnings
57 node-uuid 1.4.8 broofa defunctzombie
  • Missing license property
65 optimist 0.6.1 substack "MIT/X11"
  • license should be a valid SPDX license expression (without "LicenseRef"), "UNLICENSED", or "SEE LICENSE IN <filename>"
  • license is similar to the valid expression "MIT"
131 gulp-rename 1.2.2 hparra contra shinnn fractal
  • Missing license property
150 querystring 0.2.0 gozala
  • Missing license property
181 adm-zip 0.4.7 cthackers
  • Missing license property
247 argv 0.0.2 codenothing
  • Missing license property
260 pg-hstore 2.3.2 scarney
  • Missing license property
276 clui 0.3.6 artokun nathanpeck
  • Missing license property
295 exports-loader 0.6.4 bebraw d3viant0ne ericclemmons jhnns peerigon sokra thelarkinn
  • Missing license property
318 log 1.4.0 tjholowaychuk
  • Missing license property
321 angular-material 1.1.5 angularcore
  • Missing license property
350 async-validator 1.8.2 yiminghe
  • Missing license property
357 useragent 2.2.1 v1 3rdeden {"type":"MIT","url":""}
  • Invalid license property
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